Celebrity Get Together


This is Don_Dinozzo again..couldnt sleep last nyt..so i decided to tell a story using celebs and their tracks

Celebrities had a get together…
In the party,Beyonce performed and dedicated her song to all the “SINGLE LADIES”,during the performance,usher kept on shouting “O.M.G”,meanwhile Eminem was telling Rihanna that he is NOT AFRAID of not been with her,rihanna told him that she “LOVES THE WAY HE LIES” but Eminem screamed that there was NO LOVE and walked away,Beyonce walked up to Rihanna after seeing what happened and told her to forget Eminem cos he had a big EGO….PINK joined them and told them she was enjoying the FUNHOUSE…..meanwhile LADY GAGa was having a BAD ROMANCE with the PAPARAZZI as she was leaving the party with ALEJANDRO.Lil wayne helped her out after telling the paparazzi that he will DROP THE WORLD on them if they dont leave gaga alone and that they need to figur out “HOW TO LOVE”..lil wayne walked back into bar where he joined beyonce and co.,he told Beyonce she was ON FIRE on stage,Beyonce told him thanks..Jay-z came in at that point,drunk and kept sayin that he wants to be “FOREVER YOUNG”,drake turned and laughed and told him that he was “SO FAR GONE” .Beyonce then saw R.kelly flirting with almost every girl in the room.she turned and told her friends,she was tired and told them SWEET DREAMS.Beyonce confronted r.kelly on his behavior to which he responded I’M A FLIRT and Beyonce said I WERE A BOY………

Lol..Joblessness is bad..lata peeps