The Sad Story Of Nonhle Thema


This is Don Dinozzo

for the Past three or so weeks,i haff watched with utter disbelief the mental breakdown of @NonlheThema
1. At 29,i am worth 10million
2. That is why i lol a lot cos am too rich to care
3.My Nigerian fans kip followin mi
4. DaRk and Lovely made mi rich

A few million rands and she has turned into a chris brown stalker and is now obssessed abt Nigerians so bad that she kips tweeting abt us
To c such a beauty fall by the roadside because of Pride is really sad..i understand ha situation to an extent though,According to A Profiler (Name Withheld),i was told that ha behaviour suits the pattern of someone who came from a poor background and has bin driven crazy by the sudden influx of cash in ha direction
She is always tweetin abt. ha non-existent relationship wit Chris brown..tweetin abt New Nigerians following ha when it is apparent that ha number of followers has bin hoverin around 70,000 for the past mnth
she kips talkin abt ha houses,cars..sometins i find it hard not to compare ha to Chidinma of BBM Broadcast Fame in Nigeria..
This is wat happens wen u give a kid,a little Fame and Money
Someone should get this babe to join @TeamYabaLeft cos she has totally lost it and am sayin this wit as much love as i can muster

She is not half the celeb Genenvive.Omotala,our very own Mo,Funmi Iyanda or the likes of Don Jazzy are but they are still down to earth..mstcheww

she should watch or she will very soon join Charlie sheen in his world..difference btw ha and sheen though is we love Sheen,no mata wat

lata peeps..luv y’all


the Attack on @TWEETORACLE and GbaguanDetector


This is @Don_Dinozzo…

This Part 2 is the continuation of My Former Article…
…That Article of Two days ago by @TheGothPrince was kinda cruel..his attack on @TweetOracle was unwarranted..He Happens to be one of my Most interesting tweeps..And considering the number of mentions he has to battle wit am suprised dat he still manages to respond to everyone..and his response to insults are worthy of everyone’s favorite button.his age is no one’s fucking business..All that said,i still think @TheGothPrince wrote an excellent article
wateva was left of @GbabaunDetector’s Celeb status was murdered wit that article

so i officially announce d #TwitMurder of Nature’s Gbagaun by @TheGothPrince cc @TwitPolize

1. STop TwitProstitution
2.Pervs/Voltrons of TwitProstitutes should give dia lyf to christ
3. Stop ff dem..Follow pple like @nsi_ , @SmartMrTee, @Herroyalgaganes, @Yvvyeve, @Nikkymandy..dem plenty
4: Stop hating on Tweetoracle

¤¤ Later Tins ¤¤

The Rise Of TwitProstitutes(Twitter,The New 2go)


My Handle is @Don_Dinozzo ..the recent idiocrisy on twitter made mi do this
Before i go into This,I want to say pele to fellow Arsenal Fans..What happened Yesterday at Old Trafford totally trumps Whateva Rambo does to Terrorists in his Movies
Moving on,This Article was meant to be about the kind of Hatred and Jealousy flying around on Twiier this days until i woke up this Mornin to the shocking new Handle know how @odinabarbie must feel right now..The small 2k that people pay ha for a followback is now totally a foregone issue (Why go for an Old,Ugly Hoe? wen there is a new and even uglier Hag in Town)..i know @FuckYurOpinion comes into this somehow but the truth is i never heard of that handle until two days ago wen that Famous Article by @TheGothPrince (that crept up on us just like Chidinma’s story) threw ha into the limelight and into ha new Celebrity Status on Twitter.To say i didnt see this coming is a big all started wit the Famous Trending Topic #TwitterAfterDark which i confess,we all including myself enjoy..Then it elevated to the “now old Story TwitProstitute” @odinabarbie who alone enjoyed ha status as TwitterNG’s only Prostitute till @FuckYurOpinion and @SexUwant came into d pic ( @SexUwant, i must say has made ha debut wit the most nightmarish Nude pic i have ever seen till date and has Managed to gain ova 700perverts on ha first day..)i thought 2go was the Home for Pervs that Jerk off wit Pictures sent to them by hosts of girls wit Low Esteem.. On 2go,they are even granted d luxury of Privacy which we dont have on our beloved Twitter..But Alas some Gehs who seem to be preping for a master’s Degree in Prostitution has brought dia Shit ova to twitter@odinabarbie, @SexUWant and @FuckYurOpinion,did ur dads so mess u people up with sexual abuse that u all have lost all sort of dignity which in my opinion,every lady should have…God have mercy on u ladies
shoutout to My Hommy, @SmartMrTee who vetted this article..the Part 2(On tweetoracle/detector) is out