Pass the weed around, like that shit is contagious – Lil Wayne

Sunday Morning. Dedication 5 blasting on my speakers. Arsenal on top of the league Table.. I might just be the happiest man on Earth this moment.. So let me scribble down some things

    Someway, Somehow, I managed to convince the owner of this blog that I’m sane enough to appear on here.. Joke’s on him.

Why did I start with that First line? Truth be told, I dont know. I felt since “Weed” is in the sentence, it will interest a lot of you seeing as that’s what everyone seems to be enjoying now. *I hear the applause.. Thank You. Thank You*

I’m on twitter and I am a Nigerian so automatically that means i have a lot to talk about. Why? Because we live in a country where our leaders are as corrupt as they are shameless and where Twitter has become the best teacher of English Language. In other ways, Recipe for Writing Greatness.. Once again, I digress

You ask “Digress from what exactly?” Seeing as I have not established any clear topic in this article, i give it to u. Valid Question. Thumbs Up.

Seeing as i live in a country where the opinion of the masses is not taken into account, i choose to ignore ur question.. Go to ur grave with it… And before u start to rain curses at me, dont blame me, blame the system.. (by the way, that’s one of my favourite Slogan)

Was out with some friends the other day, after two bottles of vodka, We rolled up some Joints……. Hehehe..You see what i did there?  U see how i have made that first sentence relevant? If only Companies i want to work for can see how smart I am..
U all see there is a pattern to my writing i tend not to stick to a story, my mind is all over the place.. That makes me the Lil Tunechi of writing… We dont stick to the script… Hehehe..
As i was saying, we rolled up some Joints, as we were doing this, another friend came in with a Lady. Cute as a cucumber. She sat down projecting this “I’m quiet, I’m a mind reader, why are all of u carrying beards,  i hate this enviroment” vibe.. *Cut through 1Hour, a lot of rambling, a pack of Five Alive with a lot of vodka poured into her glass* She was now the life of the gathering and sex was the topic on the table. She had no problem with saying we all looked like kids and she could take 4 of us alone.
At this point, i want to assert that this declaration has nothing to do with how much of a whore this girl was, but had a lot to do with how sexy and David Beckhamish my friends and I were looking.. Even Zeus would have come down and asked us to become gods if he was not off-duty that day..

i hear u all asking what happened next… Lol.. U should know by now that I’m not going back to that story.. *Cuts in LMFAO’s I’m sexy and I know it”

By now, most of you should have realized this article is not about anything important. It’s just the thought process of a deranged, self aware Nigerian Youth who loves to scribble down notes..
I have a day to plan. Will be back soon than u can finish reading the “The
LOL?? See you when i see you -_-


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