Death Wins Round 1


Our University days are over..This is the first Year of the rest of our Lives..Death has taken his first shot and it’s a really good one..My best and Brightest Friend is gone. We were 22years and felt we had the world beneath our feet..I look up to the sky and the sun doesn’t look so bright anymore. The Jokes I used to love don’t sound so funny anymore..we met at the competition centre for the “International Mathematical Olympia” back in our secondary school days and I knew that would be the beginning of a really long (at least I thought) and fruitful relationship. We spent 9years together and u left an indelible mark on me. We both always took pride in our twisted and cynical sense of humour. How can I laugh at such jokes now if all I remember after the joke has bin delivered is u?.. I took 20minutes to sit at our favourite spot in awka when I came back from your Burial and finally it hit me big time..”Iyke is gone and I am never going to see him again” (at least in this life). Tears finally rolled down my cheeks. Who’s going to be my sidekick when I poke fun at girls’ in skimpy clothes? Who’s going to be the guy that suggests that we should start going room to room claiming to be medical students carrying out a survey on Breast Cancer by carrying out Breast examination? Who’s going to have that almost telephatic understanding of the way I think and the way my mind works? Who’s going to engage in those really smart arguments with me that always ends up making us laugh so hard instead of Quarrelling? Iyko,u were intelligent and u had the awards to prove it. Iyko,u were smart and I have the ideas u came up with to prove it, Iyke,u were versatile and I was a witness to that. I promise one thing to u,as long as the Lord keeps me alive and on the right track in life,I shall make sure u are not forgotten amongst your contemporaries.. I loved you with all my heart and u knew I did.. We had our plans but the Lord had his.. Keep the flag flying over there on our behalf until we meet to part no more … RIP Engr. Ikechukwu Ogbughalu