ALUU COMMUNITY: Scape Goat of a long and accepted ongoing Trend

The Brutal Murder of four Undergraduates of the University of Port Harcourt was always going to cause an uproar but I watched people on Twitter and Facebook with utter disbelief as people reacted with feigned shock and different levels of “phoned-in” annoyance and sadness to their killings..Don’t get me wrong,I think what happened was really bad ..Killing someone, that you didn’t catch red-handed in d act, like a dog is nothing to write home about
The “Already Popular” JUNGLE JUSTICE has always bin a way of life for us..The OPC,Area Boys,Onitsha Agberos,Security Operatives have beat up and killed people in a similar manner in d past and we have all commended (Inwardly or Outwardly) the acts. We even had the very popular “BAKASSI BOYS” in d East.. So why has this current case caused such an uproar?? Because a video of it was made?
We,Nigerians,should learn to stop being Hypocrites. we should know exactly what we stand for,what we believe in and stand by it.. Today,a girl is raped and killed,some young girl or guy is shot dead by armed robbers and we all wish nothing but a slow and painful death on the perpetrators of such dastardly acts..the very next day,someone is beaten to death by the mob for doing the same thing and we all say “No one deserves to be killed in such a way”.Everyone supports the victim… Who are u all deceiving?”
I personally believe that the people who killed those boys should be brought to book because they killed those boys without for no proper reason.
Do I support Jungle Justice? Can’t say for sure but I believe there are some people who deserve to die in d cruel manner those boys died for example,People who rape and then kill Girls,ARMED Robbers,Pedophiles (killing an ordinary thief is taking it too far)
Y do I believe so? Because the mere sight of such gruesome murder of an “assumed armed robber or rapist” has discouraged a lot of young people from towing the line of such evil men while convincing some people already into it to change their ways..This is my express Belief
It’s me,The Don and I’m out.

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7 thoughts on “ALUU COMMUNITY: Scape Goat of a long and accepted ongoing Trend

  1. I see your view but it is hard for me to clear your stand.

    If I read you correctly, you generally do not support jungle justice but you support it for some crime like murder or the likes. This is what I am unable to align with. I support the death penalty for first degree murder but only when the execution is ordered by the court of law. No one has the right to take another man’s life even based on revenge for the perpetrator’s act.

    If a man executes jungle justice resulting in death of the criminal, he IS at that instance a murderer; those who accompany him or helped are accomplices and they all MUST also face the law and pay for their acts. If Jungle Justice is permitted then we must give a licence to kill to all citizens so that they can execute the power where necessary but if that happens, can we say we need the Judiciary? If the Judicial system is faulty (which people see as an excuse for Jungle Justice) then that is what we need to emphasize on – inflicting pressure for the Judiciary to perform when needed not to take laws into our hands.

    However, it is certainly a good write-up. I’ll RT!

  2. we live in a country where the murder of a former minister of justice,Bola Ige is yet to be resolved after so many years…..letting them know that they will just be arrested and they have the option of minandering thier way out due to the corrupt judicial system and police force only empowers them….letting them know that they can be killed on the spot discourages some of them…..when we have dealt with corruption and the rest,we can let d court handle dese matters fully

  3. U said it all…people aяε angry..cos the killing of those boyz was just based on ‘assumption’…thεγ were not caught in the act (cultism,extortion,robbery)..or whatever thεγ were accused of! I don’t support Jungle Justice..even for a person that was caught in de act,cos it’s a terrible sight τo behold! We on social networks called for the (executioners,cos that’z what thεγ are) heads, just cos of the way thεγ killed those boyz without consulting the authorities of Uniport or asking questions! We’re aggrieved! For God’s sake..those boyz aяε studentz,under de protection of the school,whatever thεγ ‘might have done’…u catch them,u take them τo the school authorities or the police! Let GOD be de final judge!

  4. It is indeed a sad thing that the guyz lost their lives that way… One of the lessons we need to learn from this is that what made jungle justice a necessity in the first place is the percieved incompetence of the law enforcement agencies… Nigerians need a reassurance that justice will be fairly done at all times RIP Aluu 4

  5. frankie,well said, koyaasad,u understood where i was going to very well,,,if we had a competent police force and judicial system,people wouldnt be so eager to pass judgement on others like the long run,the killing of those innocent boys is a further evidence supporting the failure of government in this country

    • Like ur write up! Its close to how I feel about the issue, Our double standards got us to this level of decadence in the first place. If there was no one to speak up for those boys and say they were not theives… And they were assumed robbers, would everyone make this noise?
      D same people who are now activists would be praising God for ridding the society …. But i dnt think its right to kill anyone, for whatever reason and yes I tink the police should accept some responsibility in this case… Good piece tho… Enjoyed reading

  6. Good write up bro. But finally it all boils down to the ineffectiveness of the police, bad governance/security. We live in a functioning society and its really sad dat we still practice such. I’m totally against jungle justice. It is babaric and should be scrapped out..

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