God and His World……..MY VIEW ON SIN

My soul is troubled..i want to say something about it so i start to think to myself where can i say whatever i want to say,however i want to say it without any repercussions…Twitter comes to mind but its 140characters restriction quickly rules it out..then i remember my blog..So here i am..The Issue of sin and God being so strict about it that once u derail u are going to hell is something i wish to address

Pastors have formed a habit of contradicting themselves…They tell u that God is Omnipotent,Omnipresent and Omniscient..but still they tell you that u are given the power to choose what u want to do..I always laugh when this statement is made.We know that God is Almighty and that means he knows everything so we expect him to know when we are to die,what we will do next,our darkest secrets etc ..Till this point i know you all agree with me.. Let me stretch it a bit further..He knew Adam and Eve would sin,he knew Cain will kill his Brother,He knew Judas would betray him….Lmao..now some people are shifting in dia chairs..We all know that to sin is to do something contrary to the will of God..If God is truly Omnipotent,nothing contrary to his will can happen That leaves me thinking that God is implicated by our sins since he is both Omnipotent and Omniscient thus when someone disobeys God’s command like lies,steals,commits Murder,God must have intended it to happen since he must have forseen the event and could have prevented it from happening..Afterall Silence in the Face of Evil is regarded as connivance With the Evil…

RememberThe case of Judas Iscariot who merely fulfilled a prophecy by betraying Jesus.Can it be said that he disobeyed The will Of God??.bearing in mind that without d betrayal that the salvation of Man would have bin impossible…My Conclusion is that We are taking part in d biggest and greatest movie of all time and The script to our lives has been written,(How we will live,sins we will commit etc)..and it was written by GOD..and we have no choice in the matter
Later Peeps


3 thoughts on “God and His World……..MY VIEW ON SIN

  1. Its like when you want to wank…..whether you wank or not is solely ur decision! God does not force you to….does he? He can always conclude bcos he knows ur measure of ‘Faith’ or ‘Believe’…..God gave us all FREEWILL

  2. If God is
    truly Omnipotent,nothing contrary to his
    will can happen….*point of correction*

    God created man(Adam) and gave him options..good and bad! He told him what’z good and what’z bad! God didn’t create man to be his slave…he created man as his own child…he gave us de liberty to do what we like…which is..u either choose corrrectly and do good..and go astray and do bad! U said ‘God knew Adam would sin if he eats de apple’! Note: *if he eats de apple*…which is bad! Whereas at de beginning..he warned him not to..he told him what will happen if he does..so,God iz not to blame 4 our wrong decisions…we’re to blame,ok! That’z why he created Heaven and Hell..that iz called options..u’re told to choose one…u can’t blame God if u choose wrongly! That’z ur own cup of Viju milk..not his! His role is to give us proper instructions! 🙂

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