The Sad Story Of Nonhle Thema

This is Don Dinozzo

for the Past three or so weeks,i haff watched with utter disbelief the mental breakdown of @NonlheThema
1. At 29,i am worth 10million
2. That is why i lol a lot cos am too rich to care
3.My Nigerian fans kip followin mi
4. DaRk and Lovely made mi rich

A few million rands and she has turned into a chris brown stalker and is now obssessed abt Nigerians so bad that she kips tweeting abt us
To c such a beauty fall by the roadside because of Pride is really sad..i understand ha situation to an extent though,According to A Profiler (Name Withheld),i was told that ha behaviour suits the pattern of someone who came from a poor background and has bin driven crazy by the sudden influx of cash in ha direction
She is always tweetin abt. ha non-existent relationship wit Chris brown..tweetin abt New Nigerians following ha when it is apparent that ha number of followers has bin hoverin around 70,000 for the past mnth
she kips talkin abt ha houses,cars..sometins i find it hard not to compare ha to Chidinma of BBM Broadcast Fame in Nigeria..
This is wat happens wen u give a kid,a little Fame and Money
Someone should get this babe to join @TeamYabaLeft cos she has totally lost it and am sayin this wit as much love as i can muster

She is not half the celeb Genenvive.Omotala,our very own Mo,Funmi Iyanda or the likes of Don Jazzy are but they are still down to earth..mstcheww

she should watch or she will very soon join Charlie sheen in his world..difference btw ha and sheen though is we love Sheen,no mata wat

lata peeps..luv y’all


49 thoughts on “The Sad Story Of Nonhle Thema


    Nonhle left Chris Brown a while ago, and we’ve been dating for a couple of hours now. Don’t diss her. I’ll take it personally…

    By the way, I’m rich bitch!

  2. Loool. Isnt it obvious she must have bin on dat ish Charlie Sheen was on. #justsaying Ok. Back to my housegeh duties.

  3. I just skipped all the shit you wrote up there to say this:
    Nonhle Thema is God. How dare you!!! Nonhle’s angels are coming to pull you down. B!tch ass nigga.
    BTW I ate dodo for breakfast.

  4. Y’all niggas better worship the TLs Nonny baby tweets on, and the red carpets that none of you broke bitches has the wealth to walk upon. She’s got 10 million Rand yo.

    *pauses to clean her sweat, and push her 700k Russian hair behind her ear*

    Kneel before the BEYONCE of Life!

    *sigh* That bitch needs some dick…

  5. Let us all bow down and worship the goddess. ‘Dear Nonhle, goddess of the land, the one who created Beyonce, we come before you to worship. We know we are not worth your car, or your house, or your nails, for we are just poor peasants. We ask for your infinite wisdom, for just a bit of your breath-taking beauty. Let us be half your worth. Teach us, guide us, rule us, dear Nonhle. In your benevolence and mercifulness, Forgive the man who wrote this blog, for he knew not what we he did. Accept our prayers and worship, dear Nonhle. We pray in your holy name. Amen’

  6. She’s a thirsty bitch…..ɪ̣̝̇ hpe she rots in hell…vomit of a creature…ɪ̣̝̇ knw she has a special portion in hell so ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ ɪ̣̝̇’М̤̣̲̣̥̈̇ not bothered #okbye

  7. She is NOT from a poor background! research again! Her mum was the first black woman to be allowed into the Miss universe pagent (70s) her mum was also an actress and her dad an author! trust me she isnt poor
    Pride has always been in her usless blood

  8. Whoever blogged this must be a jobless, sick nut-case. How does her dating chris brown; bragging about her houses and cars affect any body. Remove the fucking log in your eyes before you criticize another. Note: I don’t give a fuck about @NonlheThema, hell I don’t even know who she is.

    • I’m so glad you asked.

      *presentation opens*

      Nonhle Thema: TV presenter. Sorta like Oprah, but much more openly conceited, and with missing brain cells. Very broke. South African goddess of light and beauty. Was raped as a kid by 7 (dwarf) uncles and therefore has self esteem issues and a dark hole of a vagina. Also, an avid, chronic masturbator who takes delight in talking about her fingers in 3rd person with tweets such as:

      “My boo makes me sooo happy! ^_^”

      We would be grateful if a world wide search was called for her brain. And she could use a good publicist. 🙂

      All jokes aside, Nonhle is a South-African based presenter who really isn’t that popular, but probably smokes good weed while tweeting and so feels on top of the world… literally. You should read her tweets, maybe then you’d understand the purpose of this post. @NonhleThema

      Sorry for the mini-blog.

  9. Terdoh: Yo Chris! Wassap?
    Chris Brown: Its all good nigga. Just tryna get my dick implant. How you doing…
    Terdoh: Good…good. Yeah, I heard you were coo with this Nonhle chick I was dating…
    Chris Brown: Who’s Nonye?
    Terdoh: -______-

  10. What TF is Nonhle Thema?

    Throughout my Stay in SA, just loafing around, I watched a lot of SA tv. I Dint even hear or see anything like Nonhle Thema. The Only popular Tv People that “I knew of” were Loyiso Gola and Trevor Noah.

    Maybe she really needs to get laid.

  11. Nonhle Thema is not following you.

    YOU are following her.

    She has the right to tweet whatever she deems fit no matter
    how devilish. “She runs the machine”.

    Save yourself some wahala and unfollow her if she disturbs you that much.
    She’s having fun from YOUR attention and you are getting old being disgruntled.

    Its a free country guys; Smile Jesus Loves You.

  12. #teampassingby is on point though. I didn’t have the foggiest idea whom she was till this blog. So, u just got her more attention, which I find annoying after reading her tweets *rme*

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