the Attack on @TWEETORACLE and GbaguanDetector

This is @Don_Dinozzo…

This Part 2 is the continuation of My Former Article…
…That Article of Two days ago by @TheGothPrince was kinda cruel..his attack on @TweetOracle was unwarranted..He Happens to be one of my Most interesting tweeps..And considering the number of mentions he has to battle wit am suprised dat he still manages to respond to everyone..and his response to insults are worthy of everyone’s favorite button.his age is no one’s fucking business..All that said,i still think @TheGothPrince wrote an excellent article
wateva was left of @GbabaunDetector’s Celeb status was murdered wit that article

so i officially announce d #TwitMurder of Nature’s Gbagaun by @TheGothPrince cc @TwitPolize

1. STop TwitProstitution
2.Pervs/Voltrons of TwitProstitutes should give dia lyf to christ
3. Stop ff dem..Follow pple like @nsi_ , @SmartMrTee, @Herroyalgaganes, @Yvvyeve, @Nikkymandy..dem plenty
4: Stop hating on Tweetoracle

¤¤ Later Tins ¤¤


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