Review: Pirates Of The Carribeans::: On Stranger Tides

Pirates 4 is breaking the bank and has broken into the top ten grossing films of all time with approximately $958 million and i have a feeling it is not yet done…you cant help but notice that the critics now love to hate and fans love to ignore the haters….Johnny depp returns as the most loved pirate ever,Jack Sparrow and one of the most attractive actress ever,Penelope Cruz joins the cast as Jack Sparrow’s former flame….Many things have been established with this movie…
1. Johnny Depp finally proves that he is the most attractive,most talented and most bankable star of his generation featuring as a leading man in four of the top ten grossing movies of all time and the sexiest man title twice(not that he gives a rat’s ass)
2.Goddfrey Rush is an amazing actor
3.Critics will keep panning this movie until the death of the franchise(which wont happen unless Johnny depp leaves the franchise love to see johnny depp and jack sparrow on the big screen
may we all have a minute silence for the artistic genius of johnny depp who is the brains behind the success of this franchise


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